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The iconINSIGHT solution has an unprecedented list of features and benefits.

Its unique approach to designing the solution from the ground-up means the solution is designed customer centric which ensures much greater response rates and deeper level of detail for the business, all whilst being an enjoyable, easy and convenient solution for the customer.

From a staff perspective, ICONINSIGHT make it easy to access and quick to voice issues or suggestions – as well as giving an avenue to ask for assistance.

Just some areas our Insight solution can be used due to it’s versatility:

  • Consumer Insight

  • Staff Pulse & Engagement

  • Recruitment & Retention

  • Education & Training

  • B2B

  • Regulation Compliance

  • WellBeing in Education & in the Workplace


  • Easily understand the customer and staff perception of your business and their needs

  • Give your customers and staff an easy and confidential way to express themselves

  • Give your customers an alternative to taking any concerns social

  • Enable your customers to promote positive thoughts socially

  • Form better relationships with your customers and staff

  • Increase your direct repeat business

  • Additional Revenue Streams through up-sell capability


Increase Communications with your customers to give you:

  • Greater customer loyalty

  • Insight into your customers thoughts & opinions

  • Benchmark your locations against one another with customer satisfaction KPI’s

Improve your staff:

  • Recruitment success

  • Retention

  • Communications with the business

Give your staff a non-intrusive, anonymous alternative avenue for them to:

  • Relay concerns

  • Confirm their WellBeingWell-being status

  • Be able to call out for assistance

  • Give you early warning of potential issues

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