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Our platform provides a holistic approach to feedback and loyalty

Enable customers to easily engage and communicate with your business in every aspect of their journey experience.
Having a clear view of the real experience you provide is critical for business success

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- Easily understand perceptions and needs for your business
- Give an easy, confidential way to engage and communicate
- Provide your customers an alternative to taking issues social
- Customers can promote positive thoughts socially
- Gain better relationships with customers and employees
- Increase your direct repeat business
- Access to additional revenue through up-sell capability
- Ability to give feedback in seconds not minutes
- Greater response rates and deeper level of detail
- A highly cost effective solution - greater ROI​


84% of businesses actively working on customer experience increase revenue

91% of customers unhappy with a brand will leave without complaining

The no.1 reason customers leave is because they feel unappreciated

Less than 4% of customers will raise a complaint

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Employee Overview

Our platform means you gain more employee engagement, ability to run pulse requests and check on employee wellbeing

... All In One Portal ...

Our solution is more cost effective than most, and our design and layout philosophy enables our solution to be far more efficient at enabling your staff to either be assessed or give their opinions, which means further cost reductions are achieved, with less time on administration, analysis and reporting effort.

Employee perspective ...

We make it easy to access and quick to voice issues or suggestions – as well as giving an avenue to ask for assistance.


30% of workers are actively and continually looking for a new position

63% of companies have more challenges in retaining employees than hiring them

21% increase in profits with higher employee engagement & productivity

41% decrease in absence due to a higher engaged team

Testimonials - so you know you can count on us


'We understand that their mission fundamentally is to help businesses communicate better with their customers and improve their experience.  Their solution is innovative, engaging, and easy for our Members to use and indeed provides useful feedback data for our Events Team.  I am pleased to have them as an Institute Business Partner.'


Peter Ducker - Chief Executive, Institute of Hospitality

Our Insight platform is so versatile these are just a few areas where it brings benefit:

  • Consumer Insight
  • Polling
  • NPS
  • Staff Pulse & Engagement
  • Recruitment & Retention
  • Education & Training
  • B2B
  • Regulation Compliance
  • WellBeing
Business Team

Contact us for a free demo - our platform gains you greater


Drive repeat and referral business to grow your revenue.

Feedback in seconds ...

not minutes!

Instant analysis

& alerting

Stronger loyalty,

more revenue

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