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Young Teacher


Whether staff, parents or students - they need to be sure that they can give their opinions, make suggestions or ask for assistance and know that they're LISTENED to

Our platform is the perfect way to do this ...

Ensuring Early Intervention provides the ability to know and address issues when they first emerge, enabling much quicker resolution. For schools and other public bodies.
Our navigable system allows for collaborative working and increases communication with children, young people, parents and staff.
  • Signposting to assist in locating and gaining the information needed.
  • Help children and young people ‘thrive’ and ‘flourish’
  • Have a strong focus on early intervention, given the rise in numbers of children and young people with anxiety and low mood
  • Provide easier access to help and support
  • Use the views of children, young people and parents to lead to continuous service improvement
  • Link with adult wellbeing and mental health services
As a single point of access &  early intervention service - we provide additional avenues for communication, support and assistance - Initially and Long Term.


A simple design ensures greater engagement and better results, making it easier for all demographics to feedback


No tedious survey to dissuade your customers from telling you their opinions

Gain quick and easy feedback

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No app for your customer to download. Accessible in a multitude of ways, on any device, at any  time

Early Intervention is Key

STAFF - can give feedback on their working environment, themselves and their students
PARENTS - can give feedback on the organisation, the education, their children, the staff or themselves.
STUDENTS - can give feedback on the organisation, the education, their home-life, the staff or themselves.
It's a way for individuals to reflect, raise concerns, give suggestions or ask for assistance.
It provides the organisation with holistic valuable information on how their education body is perceived, run, and where there may be issues - whether staff, students or parents which can then be actioned upon.
Online Education
Students Studying Outside


We Stand Against Bullying.


We want to help stop bullying in Education. 
Whether staff, teachers or students issues like bullying and harassment are often swept under the carpet
Bullying ruins livelihoods, it causes homelessness, long term mental and physical health issues and, at its worst, it can even take lives. 
If you care about your people and you want to be sure that they feel safe in Education, we want to help. 


Before you can start to combat bullying, you need to know if it is a problem in your organisation.
We've partnered with Think Wow and using our platform we help you ask the questions that really matter.​
​Eliminate the fear of speaking out with our 100% anonymous assessment tool
Understand how your staff and students feel about bullying
Learn how much your staff and students trust you to take action against bullying
Highlight any areas you need to work on
Receive a free report showing how your staff feel, how you compare to similar industries, and what you can do to improve​
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Contact us for a free demo - our platform gains you greater


Feedback in seconds...

not minutes!

Instant analysis & alerting

Stronger Engagement

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