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Our platform helps you recruit the right people

and, once working with you,

we help to ensure you keep them


Recruiting and retaining staff can be hugely costly, if you don't know what the inner thoughts and legitimate skills of the candidates you hire.
Employees need to be sure that they can give their opinions, make suggestions or ask for assistance and know that they're LISTENED to.

As an employer you want to ensure your employees are accurately representing your brand, being productive and have good wellbeing.

Our platform is the perfect way to do this ...
Costs to consider and how we mitigate them:
On average it costs £3000 and 27.5 days to hire a new recruit.
How to Calculate Cost-Per-Hire when recruiting for employers (time and effort):
  • Advertising the role
  • Interview process
  • On-boarding Process
  • Education of company process and policies
  • Mentoring
  • Management
  • Training
  • Plus any agency fees

We ensure constant and consistent interaction and engagement with your new hires, so you can:

  • Better understand any possible concerns

  • Tackle and resolve issues early

  • Confirm the new hire is the right fit

  • Guarantee effective recruitment and retention

Timeframe to

fill headcount





UI Rectuitment & retention detailed page 1.png
UI Rectuitment & retention detailed page 2.png

Early Visibility and Intervention is Key …

  • EMPLOYEES can give feedback on their working environment and themselves.

  • It's a way for individuals to reflect, raise concerns, give suggestions & ask for assistance

  • It provides the organisation with holistic valuable information on how their organisation is perceived, run, and where there may be issues - which can then be actioned upon.

Contact us for a free demo - our platform gains you greater


Feedback in seconds ...

not minutes!

Instant analysis

& alerting

Ensure a friendly and

caring environment

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