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Our platform means you gain more engagement, can run pulse requests and check on employee wellbeing regularly

... All In One Portal ...

Our solution is more cost effective than most, and our design and layout philosophy enables our solution to be far more efficient at enabling your staff to either be assessed or give their opinions, which means further cost reductions are achieved, with less time on administration, analysis and reporting effort.

Engagement and Feedback services can be costly for businesses but you still want to gain essential insight so that you can ensure the health and loyalty of your employees


Our solution enables you to keep employees happy and healthy in a highly cost effective manner

that's why you need Umbrella Insight


Return To Work Engagement

We are offering your business a free Insight Check focused around "return to work" and how employees are feeling in the workplace (physical and virtual) with the challenges COVID has brought.
It will enable you to capture their experiences and any improvement suggestions they have. Like all of our solutions its exceptionally quick and easy, not onerous or tedious like traditional surveys and can give businesses tremendous and valuable insight.
It's pretty much no effort for the business - We'll send a dedicated URL, this can be emailed to employees, we run the survey for a week, and once closed we send a report for review & necessary actions.
You'll gain essential information around all aspects of your business from your employees perspective quickly, simply and effectively, so you can confirm what is working well and see pro-actively areas that may need your attention.
We help you to support your employees, so you can be sure they feel supported and safe at work.
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Contact us for a free demo - our platform gains you greater


Feedback in seconds ...

not minutes!

Instant analysis

& alerting

Ensure a friendly and

caring environment

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