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We have great partnerships to ensure we provide our clients with the best service and products possible

We have a partner program as we recognise that whilst our solution is beneficial in just about any industry, scenario or environment, knowing these industries, how they operate, their key challenges, constraints and requirements needs sector specialists - and that's why we love to work with partners to provide the best products and services possible.
Our platform can greatly assist your industry, so CONTACT US to see how our partnership program works. We want to ensure you are fairly compensated and working together we can bring so much more to clients, existing and new. 
We are proud to be partnering and working with the following organisations:
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SCA Preferred Supplier logo
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We partner with the
Institute of Hospitality
to ensure our hospitality clients have additional support for both their customers and employees

If you would like to partner with us so that we can enhance the services we both provide further please contact us ...

We'd love to talk through our partner agreement with you

our platform gains you greater:


Drive repeat and referral business to grow your revenue.

Feedback in seconds ...

not minutes!

Instant analysis

& alerting

Stronger loyalty,

more revenue

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