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Our approach addresses all your Insight requirements and more.

Here's why our platform is so much better than traditional and other methods ...

Go beyond with our enhanced NPS

NPS is all about loyalty but you need to know the reasons behind this score and quickly - so you can understand how you can increase customer retention.

We recognise a product or service typically has supporting external factors, and all of these influence the perception of your product/service.

Our approach to customer experience and satisfaction is a value derived from multiple measurements of your business... not just one!

We give you the insight and granularity you need to understand and evaluate all areas of your business.

Our platform does this all instantly and automatically!

You choose the supporting factors - we measure them for you
graphic for underpinning service rpoduct

Why Umbrella ...

Contact us for a free demo - our platform gains you greater


Drive repeat and referral business to grow your revenue.

Feedback in seconds ...

not minutes!

Instant analysis

& alerting

Stronger loyalty,

more revenue

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