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Umbrella started out as critiQuie.

Our focus was -and still is- to provide businesses with a platform that gives a customer and employee centric experience.


By achieving this it means customers are more likely to respond with their thoughts and opinions, giving businesses the essential insight they need to run their businesses successfully.


Equally employees are more engaged to give their honest feedback and feel at ease to raise concerns or ask for assistance.

Our platform has evolved considerably bringing in more features, functions and benefits all of which help your business to engage with customers and employees, to gain greater loyalty and thereby revenue.

We wanted a brand name to capture the multitude of offerings we now produce across multiple industries - 'Umbrella Insight' sums it up perfectly.

We're a British Company with a Passion for Happy Customers & Happy Employees
Assisting Businesses to be stronger, more successful and able to generate more revenue through better engagement and loyalty
  • Provide an easy and intuitive feedback platform
  • Support the entire digital journey
  • Give a new level of analytics and insight
  • Enable simple, multiple ways to connect customers & staff
  • Give you a competitive advantage
  • Assist in increasing repeat customers, building loyalty and driving revenue
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Louise Newman
Co-Founder and CEO
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Louise recognised that customers want, and businesses want to provide, a great experience. To achieve this we need to listen and act on feedback - but to gain feedback we need quick, simple, engaging and cost effective tools - and those on offer did not hit the mark - which led to the creation of critiQuie - now Umbrella Insight.
Louise designed the platform to be customer centric, as without this engagement businesses cannot get the essential insight needed to succeed.
Louise has a degree in Business and Technology and is PMI PMP project management qualified. Louise spent 20 years in the corporate sector, in a multitude of roles to grow her extensive experience in enterprise transition and transformation projects, leading strategic change. For the last 5 years she has focused on driving excellent customer experience and employee engagement.
Neil Newman
Co-Founder and COO
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Neil brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Umbrella - with a degree in Microelectronics Architecture and Computer Science, a decade in IBM as their European Strategic Outsource Operations Manager and co-founding Pirean - a company specialising in enterprise class Identity and Access Management. 
After successfully selling his company, Neil joined Louise knowing the function-packed platform brings great benefit to both customers and businesses alike.
Neils extensive 30 years in IT, Operations, Information Management and Security means the Umbrella platform continues to be developed to be the best for businesses and their customers.

Contact us for a free demo - our platform gains you greater


Drive repeat and referral business to grow your revenue.

Feedback in seconds ...

not minutes!

Instant analysis

& alerting

Stronger loyalty,

more revenue

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