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Tackling Modern slavery and human trafficking remains a critically important issue for UK business and Umbrella Insight takes its obligations in this respect very seriously. Modern slavery is a hidden crime which has no place either within our business or supply chain and Umbrella Insight has adopted a zero tolerance to it.
We have gained greater insight into risk and trends relating to modern slavery that have enabled us to strengthen our approach. We have:
• Equipped Umbrella Insight colleagues with the necessary training to identify and take action to prevent the risk of modern slavery.
• Continued to strengthen our work in those areas of our business where the risk of exploitation is the greatest.
Our main categories of purchasing spend are technology, companying services, and consultancy. A software provider with a strong commitment to ethical and responsible operations
Umbrella Insight understands that people lie at the heart of this legislation. Our business is built around people – our customers, colleagues, suppliers, the communities that we serve - and we recognise our responsibility to respect their human rights. Umbrella Insight does not tolerate slavery, human trafficking, forced labour, child labour or child exploitation. As part of the wider Umbrella Insight family, we have a robust strategy in place for tackling modern slavery which is supported by Umbrella Insight’s Code of Business Conduct, Human Rights policy and overall approach to human rights. These policies apply to the entire Umbrella Insight group and set out our obligations to customers, colleagues and communities across our own operations and supply chain. We take any breach of our policies or allegations extremely seriously and we provide independent and confidential ‘Protector Lines’ that enable our colleagues, suppliers and their staff to raise any concerns. Any concerns regarding human trafficking or modern slavery are reported through reporting lines and risk channels.
As a UK-based software company, we believe the risk of modern slavery within our own business to be low. We recognise, however, that through our supply chain we could be indirectly exposed to the risk of modern slavery and human trafficking. Aligned with the process taken elsewhere in the Umbrella Insight group, we continue to review our processes and supply chains to identify areas where workers are more vulnerable to abuses like slavery. We consider the types of service provided by our suppliers and the type of labour used, (e.g. seasonal, permanent or agency). We also review the country of origin of our suppliers and the country from which services are provided to identify any issues which may feature further down the supply chain, for example in relation to the sourcing of materials and components.
Tackling our Modern Slavery – Our Supply Chain
We expect all our suppliers to operate in an ethical, responsible, open and transparent manner and be compliant with all applicable laws and regulations. To manage this, we have a rigorous approach to Procurement & Supplier Management. All new suppliers are required to specifically confirm that they comply with the Modern Slavery Act. Appropriate action would be taken should any supplier be found in breach of this standard. Our due diligence processes verify suppliers’ compliance with the Modern Slavery Act. We continue to encourage our suppliers to participate in appropriate modern slavery training (including Stronger Together; interactive workshops delivered by industry specialists, which focus on practical skills to equip businesses to tackle modern slavery).
Tackling Modern Slavery – our business
Recruitment and Employment - Umbrella Insight has appropriate recruitment processes and procedures in place, including conducting eligibility to work in the UK checks for all employees to mitigate against human trafficking or forced labour. The majority of our colleagues are employed on permanent or fixed term. If we engage any temporary staff from agencies, they are always thoroughly checked prior to their appointment by the agency, which safeguards against modern slavery.
Education, Training and Ethical Standards - In addition to having suitable policies in place, Umbrella Insight understands that a key part of our commitment to the Modern Slavery Act is to ensure all colleagues understand what modern slavery is and comply with the highest ethical standards and integrity. Completion of this activity means all Umbrella Insight staff are aligned to combat modern slavery and human trafficking.
Whistleblowing - In order to ensure that we detect, report and importantly prevent modern slavery within our organisation and supply chain, we encourage all colleagues to raise any concerns or suspicions at the earliest possible stage, without fear of reprisal.
Impact and Monitoring
We continue to strengthen our approach to managing the risk of modern day slavery within our business and ensure our strategy is responsive to changing risks. In particular, we aim to:
• Continue to raise colleague awareness of modern slavery and human trafficking
• Continue to make key suppliers aware of modern slavery policy and process
• Develop Umbrella Insight’s long term strategy and action plan for tackling modern slavery and human trafficking within the supply chain as part of our wider Supplier Management activities.
This statement is made pursuant to section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and constitutes our group’s slavery and human trafficking statement for the financial year.
All employees of the Company have a personal responsibility in the way that they conduct themselves and the impacts of this policy and need to ensure they are fully aware of the reduction strategies mentioned in this policy.
Louise Newman - CEO
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