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Business challenges:

  • Building stronger relationships with customers
  • Reacting to your customers responses in real-time
  • Having greater Insight to make more informed & better business decisions
  • Providing an easily accessible, convenient and engaging feedback tool
  • COVID19 impact and what your customers think of how you're protecting them
  • Gaining Big Data for a holistic view, plus a detailed perspective
  • Increasing repeat business and gaining new customers
  • Finding out the small problems and fixing them to improve the customer experience
  • Listening, engaging & communicating with customers

... Any Time, Any Where,

Any device

'our response rates increased by 75%''
Institute of Hospitality

2019 Tweet

Capture insight for any

Industry & Situation

Our solution helps you obtain much greater ROI

Our versatile framework has got all this covered

We radically reduce your current spend whilst giving you incredible Customer Insight

dollar sign orange.png

Gather data from any respondent, whether it's a Customer, Employee or Student and ensure 2-way engagement

Grab a virtual chat with us...

...we'll make sure it's worth your while

Gain  data at every touch point to enhance the customer experience and make the best business decisions

we can help your business grow from strength to strength

count on customer opinions

Hands up who likes to be surveyed? .... anyone??

Don’t confuse customer opinions and feedback for market research or surveys - They're not the same thing!

Don't survey your customers.... engage with them

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Feedback services can be costly but our Insight solution is inexpensive with all the capability, features and benefits to help your business grow

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so many FEATURES ...

Digital TouchPoints through the journey



Social Marketing

Multiple Access Points

Essential Feedback Templates

Holistic & Specific Business Views

2-Way Communication

& Engagement


& Promotion

Download Data & Reporting

Dashboard Analytics & Trends 

Real Time Data & Analysis on the GO

Fully Branded

Powerful Real-Time Analytics ON THE GO …
Dashboard & Download

See your results instantly as well as trends appearing in your data automatically & effortlessly

Conditional Logic

React to responses, Request more info, Present social links

Enable 'contact me'


Greater Loyalty


Customer Opinion


Services & Products

responsive any device.png
Any Device

Any time, Any Where.

An uninterrupted experience.

No app to download.

No H/W, S/W or integration required.

  • Access real-time analysis and dashboard

  • Access and filter reporting

  • Create, edit and delete feedback templates

  • Location Differential

  • Assign Data Admins

make every customer experience perfect

  • Gain New Customers

  • Grow Revenue

  • Strengthen Customer Loyalty

  • Increase Repeat Business

  • Listen, engage & communicate with customers

  • Build Stronger Relationships with Customers

  • Support the Entire Customer Journey

  • Easy, Quick & Intuitive Feedback

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